Investor Relations


Dividend policy of Vienna Insurance Group

The dividend policy defines a payout ratio in the range of 30% to 50% of Group profits after taxes and non-controlling interests. Going forward, the aim is to keep the dividend per share aligned with Group performance.

Dividend proposal for the financial year 2022

 Elisabeth Stadler, CEO:
"Based on these good results, the VIG Managing Board is proposing an increase of the dividend to EUR 1.30 per share for the 2022 financial year."

This equates to an increase of 4% and to a dividend payout ratio of 35.7%. The dividend yield is 5.8%.

Dividend for the financial year 2021

A dividend of EUR 1.25 per share proposed by the Vienna Insurance Group Managing Board and Supervisory Board was approved by the Annual General Meeting.
This corresponds to a dividend payout ratio of 42.6% of the profit after taxes and non-controlling interests. The dividend yield is 5%.

The ex-dividend day was 23 May 2022, the record date was 24 May 2022 and the dividend payment day was 25 May 2022.

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