Investor Relations

Issued Bonds

Please find below an overview of issued bonds by Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe:

ISIN Issue date Outstanding volume
in EUR mn
Maturity Denomination
in EUR
AT0000A2XST0 2022 500 2042 100,000 4.875% p.a. until 15 June 2032;
thereafter variable
(Private placement)    
2021 300 perpetual 1,000,000

First 10 years: 3.2125% p.a.; thereafter variable (5-year interest rate fixing)

AT0000A2QL75 2021 500 2036 100,000 1.00% p.a. until 25 March 2036 (inclusive)
(Private placement)
2017 200 2047 200,000 First 10 years: 3.75% p.a.;
thereafter variable
AT0000A1D5E1 2015 400 2046 1,000 First 11 years: 3.75% p.a.;
thereafter variable
AT0000A12GN0 2013 284.4 2043 100,000 First 10 years: 5.5% p.a.;
thereafter variable


Debt Analyses

Date  Investment bank Analyst Recomendation
16 March 2021 Erste Group Peter Kaufmann -


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