Corporate Respons­ibility

Arts and cultural projects

Ringturm Wrapping 2019
© Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein/Daniela Kostova

It is the intent of Vienna Insurance Group and its main shareholder, Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, to give artists additional freedom for their artistic development, thereby making a contribution to cultural life and cultural development in Austria and the CEE.

Some examples:

Wrapping of the Ringturm

With the wrapping of its headquarters, the Vienna Ringturm, the Group - with the support of its main shareholder - contributes to art in the public space.


Art collection

VIG has a notable art collection with an emphasis on painting and graphics created between 1945 and the present.


"Architektur im Ringturm" exhibitions series

Designed by renowned architect Erich Boltenstern, the Ringturm, headquarters of Vienna Insurance Group, has been a place for people to meet and exchange ideas since its opening in 1955.


Gustav Mahler youth orchestra

It is a place of learning for talented European orchestral musicians and helps young Austrian musicians play music with their colleagues from all over Europe.


"The Children Peace Image" of the Global Peace Photo Award

No bombs, no terror, no suffering. Also this year, VIG is supporting the Children's Award as part of the Global Peace Photo Award.