Investor Relations

Directors' Dealings

Last update 23 June 2017

Until 3 July 2016 Directors' Dealings Notifications of VIG were published on the website of the Austrian Financial Market Authority [FMA] (FMA Directors' Dealings Notifications). Since the entry into force of the EU Market Abuse Regulation on 3 July 2016 persons discharging managerial responsibilities at VIG as well as persons closely associated with them must notify transactions involving financial instruments of VIG to the FMA and to VIG if such transactions exceed the threshold of EUR 5,000 per year. Therefore the respective notification form must be used. Subsequently VIG shall make public the Directors' Dealings Notification EU wide within three (3) business days following the conclusion of the transaction. Details on Directors' Dealings will be made public by VIG here.

Since 3 July 2016 no Directors' Dealings that were subject to the publication requirements have been reported to VIG.