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Why VIG?

Insurance companies are boring and conservative.
That is true – when dealing with the entrusted premiums, VIG surely will not risk anything. This is the boring side, which is absolutely necessary, in order to weather even the toughest times successfully. But there are many exciting facets to the insurance business, not least due to the international diversity of VIG. Check out what VIG´s employees have to say about their career in an international insurance group like VIG! 

Panel Discussion with CEO Prof. Stadler

During the panel discussion "Austria's early dip in the East - 25 years later: Blessing or Curse?" between VIG CEO Prof. Elisabeth Stadler and Dr. Arnold Schuh, head of WU Competence Center for Emerging Markets & CEE, both parties concluded that the early market entry was an important move.

A CEO`s perspective

Gabor Lehel speaks exclusively to high potentials about his career, management style and opportunities within the VIG. He is CEO of Union Biztosito and Deputy Member of the VIG Managing Board.

High Potential Day

The High Potential Day, which was organized by the Austrian news magazine Profil on May 31st 2017, provided an excellent opportunity to meet interesting people. Besides the panel discussion "Social Media and We - Social, Antisocial, Political, Antipolitical," "Opportunity" "Career Killer" "And what does" media "mean at all?" with Angela Fleischlig-Tangl and recruiting interviews, there was also the "VIG Chocolate Bar" for informal exchange.

Female success stories

VIG supports Sorority

The network for women organized by women celebrated the first 'business riot' festival in Vienna's innovation hub. Many interesting workshops and discussions - and VIG was right there!

Success Story

Verena Sochor met VIG during the High Potential Day (profil) and talks about her internship in VIG.

VIG at a glance

VIG has many faces

What our employees have to say about VIG.


The main aim of our media relations is to enhance the Group’s reputation, the value of our brand and our market positioning. 

Leadership Training

VIG's business is built on people. We are dedicated to fairness, mutual respect, transparency and sustainable relations. 


The Group considers it an obligation to provide support for cultural and social concerns in Austria and the CEE region. 

Multi-brand policy

To value the diversity of our Group, every local company uses its local brand as its first name, followed by Vienna Insurance Group as its family name.

A+ Rating

As the market leader in Austria and the CEE region, the Group's competitive position was categorized as very strong by Standard&Poor´s.

VIG on Whatchado

Elisabeth Stadler
Executive Board

"I truly enjoy my job - for over 30 years I have been working in the insurance business and haven not regretted a single day."

Josef Aigner
Corporate and Large Customer Business

"Communication has to do with understanding."

Lodi van Elswijk
Group IT

"Problems can be solved, mistakes can be fixed, but if you miss an opportunity, it's usually gone forever."

Nicole Motal
Finance & Accounting

"Calmness is a source of strength."

Ekaterina Buchova
International Processes & Methods

"Say 'yes' to the opportunity that scares you the most." 

Carolin Zimmer
Actuarial Department

"The coolest thing is to combine maths with something practical, something you need in real life."

Wolfgang Hajek
Subsidiaries Department

"For me, what's really exciting is managing international projects."

Réka Hassa
Corporate and Large Customer Business

"Focus. There are lots of interesting things in life, but you can't always do everything."

More Videos

Doris Neureiter
Asset Management

“I like being a VIG Buddy for international colleagues.”

Lucie Bedrichova
Corporate and Large Customer Business

“VIG enabled me a great entry into working life – even during my studies.”

Elena Adriana Predescu
Enterprise Risk Management

“My job offers a dynamic setting – whether it’s in Vienna or Bucharest.” 

Florian Sigmund
Enterprise Risk Management

“Due to our international teams the work comes alive.”