Objectives and Outlook

Vienna Insurance Group is an international insurance group with a clear focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Its strategy is aimed at achieving sustainable profitability and continuous earnings growth.

Vienna Insurance Group relies on four management principles and on three priorities in its Agenda 2020 strategic work programme to achieve its objectives.


Main objectives

     • consolidating its market leadership in Austria, and
     • taking advantage of the growth potential in the CEE region.


Outlook for 2019-2020
(Last update: 9.10.2019)

Based on systematic implementation of measures under the “Agenda 2020” management programme and continued economic growth in the CEE region, VIG expects to achieve the following targets:

Outlook for 2019 and 2020

This outlook information includes forward-looking statements that concern future developments in Vienna Insurance Group. These statements are based on current assumptions and forecasts made by the management of Vienna Insurance Group. Changes in general economic developments, future market conditions, capital markets and other circumstances could result in actual events or results differing significantly from these forward-looking statements.