Management Principles

Vienna Insurance Group Management Principles

Our successful multi-brand strategy, full range of products and customer-oriented sales make it possible for us to fully utilise the business potential of the future, and they are therefore fundamental management principles that will help to achieve the goals of the Vienna Insurance Group.

The Vienna Insurance Group is clearly focusing on the CEE region, which offers a multitude of growth opportunities due to the strong demand for insurance products. The strengths of the Vienna Insurance Group lie in its quick and flexible adjustment to local market conditions as well as in its active development of attractive products to satisfy customer needs combined with a customer-oriented sales approach.

In implementing these objectives, the Vienna Insurance Group relies on the following four strategy principles, which have proven themselves in the management of the Group:


  1. Think globally – act locally

    The Vienna Insurance Group uniquely combines an enormous experience of the managing board with the know-how of local management. It is thus ensured that the Group’s standards are implemented into fair and customer needs-oriented insurance solutions on every market.

    In this way, Vienna Insurance Group aims to ensure the best possible product design and distribution based on local circumstances. In addition, binding Group Guidelines for areas such as risk management, reinsurance and investments ensure that the Vienna Insurance Group’s corporate principles and values are observed.

  2. Multi-brand policy

    The multi-brand policy consciously pursued by the Vienna Insurance Group significantly differentiates it from other market participants in the region. Each Group company uses its local brand as its first name, followed by the umbrella brand Vienna Insurance Group as its family name. 

    The multi-brand policy allows well-established brands that already enjoy good customer recognition to be retained, and it strengthens the regional identity and commitment of local employees. At the same time, adding Vienna Insurance Group to the name proclaims the Group’s international stature and many years of experience, giving customers additional security.


  3. Multi-channel distribution

    Vienna Insurance Group relies on a diversified distribution strategy that provides access to many customer groups while taking their individual preferences into account at the same time. In addition to the Group’s own field staff, independent brokers and agents, multi-level marketing, direct sales and banks are also used. The way these different channels are combined depends on the particular characteristics and legal requirements of each market.

    The Vienna Insurance Group also gives great importance to distribution when making acquisitions. High-performance, sustained distribution capacity is always the main criterion used when a new company is acquired.

  4. Conservative investment and reinsurance policy

    Investing customer money is an important and challenging task that demands great responsibility and the consideration of a number of factors such as rate of return, diversification and the assessment of a variety of risks. VIG's conservative investment policy ensures that investments are secure and profitable at the same time. The Group has always been highly risk-conscious when making investments.

    Vienna Insurance Group has a very strong investment portfolio and, since the outbreak of the financial crisis, has the aspiration of further increasing the quality of its portfolio. The increase in the government bond weighting was focused primarily on core European countries, or those countries where Vienna Insurance Group operates.