Agenda 2020

Agenda 2020 was developed for the period from 2017 to 2020 and, together with the four management principles, assists VIG in its plans to achieve sustained long-term growth.

The strategic work programme was initiated to develop VIG into a modern, future-oriented company during the long ongoing period of low interest rates, more frequent occurring natural disasters and increasing change in the traditional insurance business.

VIG focuses on three priorities in its Agenda 2020:

  • Business model optimisation
    The measures for business model optimisation are aimed at increasing cost efficiency and reducing the combined ratio
  • Ensuring future viability
    The measures aimed at ensuring future viability allow VIG to take advantage of the opportunities created by demographic and social trends and technological innovations
  • Organisation and cooperation
    Transparent rules, clear targets, an effective management model and an efficient infrastructure for exchanging best practices and innovations ensure efficient, effective collaboration within the Group
The graphic shows the VIG agenda 2020 with its three priorities: Business model optimisation, Ensuring future viability, Organisation and cooperation
Agenda 2020 measures