A leading insurer in CEE

As a first mover, VIG braved the initial step into the Central and Eastern European insurance markets around 30 years ago and gained access to an economic region which has subsequently developed in a remarkable manner. 

Expansion Steps of Vienna Insurance Group in CEE

1990 Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic
1996 Hungary
1998 Poland
1999 Liechtenstein, Croatia, Italy
2001 Romania
2002 Bulgaria, Belarus
2003 Serbia
2004 Slovenia, Ukraine
2005 Georgia
2007 Turkey, Albania, North Macedonia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
2010 Montenegro
2011 Bosnia-Herzegovina
2014 Moldova

Core market: Austria

Vienna Insurance Group is the largest insurer in Austria, where it holds an excellent position with its group companies Wiener Städtische and Donau Versicherung. The strength shown in this core market since 1824 is one of the reasons for the successful realisation of Vienna Insurance Group's internationalisation strategy.

Major player in the CEE region

Vienna Insurance Group started its expansion in 1990, making it one of the first Western European insurance companies to expand into Central and Eastern Europe. Today the Group is one of the most important players in this region and earns more than 50% of its total Group premiums in the CEE region. Due to many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the markets in this region, and to its expertise in all insurance matters, Vienna Insurance Group is optimally positioned to continue benefiting from future increases in the standard of living in the CEE region and from the accompanying increased need for insurance.

Vienna Insurance Group is also represented in Germany, Liechtenstein, Italy and in Northern Europe.