Liane Hirner

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Member of the Managing Board (CFO)
Born 1968, Education: Study of Business Administration

appointed by the Supervisory Board until 31 January 2023
Curriculum Vitae

Areas of responsibility: Finance and Accounting, Enterprise Risk Management, Asset-Risk Management, Data Management & Processes

Country responsibility: Germany and Belarus

As a an experienced auditor and company & tax consultant, Liane Hirner brings profound knowledge into the insurance sector. The business graduate specialises in auditing according to national and international standards as well as IFRS consultation and due diligence reviews of insurance companies. She acquired her extensive experience, among others, from her activities as a member of the IFRS working group of the Austrian Insurance Association, the Austrian Institute of Public Accountants (IWP), the Insurance Working Party of Brussels-based Accountancy Europe, the Expert Committee for Commercial Law and Auditing at the Chamber of Public Accountants and Tax Advisors and the Austrian Financial Reporting and Auditing Committee (AFRAC).