Details 2008-today

2008 New trading name "Vienna Insurance Group" for shares on the Vienna Stock Exchange (securities abbreviation VIG)

Listing on the Prague Stock Exchange

Market entry in the Baltic States

Acquisition of Ukrainska Strakhova Grupa

Acquisition of the insurance operations of Erste Group in Austria, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Conclusion of a mutual distribution agreement with Erste Group

Capital Increase 2008 with gross proceeds of about EUR 1.14 billion

Sale of the Romanian non-life insurer Unita to UNIQA Group Austria.

Sale of corporate shares in Bank Austria Creditanstalt Versicherung AG to ERGO insurance group 

Establishment of a group own reinsurance company VIG RE based in Prague


2009 Change of the corporate name in “VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG”

Takeover of the TBIH Financial Services Group N.V. (TBIH) stakes in the Group insurance companies in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia and North Macedonia

Merger of the Slovakian Group companies Kontinuita and Komunálna. Since October 2009, the two companies have been operating successfully in the Slovakian insurance market with the strong insurer Komunálna resulting from the merger.


2010 VIG sells the life insurer Omniasig Life and decides to concentrate on the development of BCR Life and Asirom in this market segment.

With the establishment of a branch of the Polish Group Compensa in Lithuania, the sales of property/casualty insurance started in the middle of April in this Baltic market.

With effect from 3 August 2010 the company's operational insurance business in Austria is legally segregated from the holding functions of the Group. Wiener Städtische, as the largest single company, therefore continues to handle the property/casualty, life and health insurance business in Austria. Besides exercising the usual international control functions of a listed group, Vienna Insurance Group is also active in the reinsurance and international wholesale insurance business.

In the course of the reorganisation the listed holding company gets the new company name “VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe”.

Merger of the Croatian Group companies Cosmopolitan Life and Helios. The company formed by the merger will operate under the name Helios in the Croatian insurance market.

Vienna Insurance Group purchased the minority holding of 40% in TBIH held by Kardan Financial Services. This means that VIG holds 100% of the shares in TBIH.

Market entry of the VIG in Montenegro by the foundation of the life insurer Wiener Städtische Osiguranje

Vienna Insurance Group has been active in the non-life insurance sector in North Macedonia since 2007 with WINNER Non-Life and after granting a life insurance licence to WINNER Life at the end of 2010 it is now also offering live insurance products.

VIG decides to make Ukraine the tenth core market of the Group (other core markets: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary).


2011 Market entry in Bosnia-Herzegovina by the acquisition of Jahorina

Acquisition of Intersig in Albania


2012 Acquisition of Polisa in Poland

Sale of MSK Life in Russia

In 2012 the following mergers were completed:

- POLAND: Merger of the two Group companies InterRisk and PZM; the company now operates under the InterRisk brand

- ROMANIA: Merger of the two Group companies Omniasig Non-life and BCR Non-life; the company now operates under the Omniasig brand

- BULGARIA: Merger of the two Group companies Bulstrad and Bulgarski Imoti; the company now operates under the Bulstrad brand


2013 Acquisition of QBE Makedonija in North Macedonia

Merger of the Croatian group companies Helios and Kvarner; the merged companies use the "Wiener osiguranje" brand


2014 Market entry in the Republic of Moldova by acquisition of Donaris

Acquisition of Skandia Poland

Acquisition of AXA Biztosító in Hungary

Merger of the two Group companies Compensa Life and Benefia Life; the company now operates under the Compensa Life brand

Successful completion of the merger of the two Group companies Sigma and Interalbanian, from then on the two companies operate in the Albanian market under the Sigma Interalbanian brand


2015 Acquisition of the Latvian non-life insurer Baltikums

Formation of Compensa Non-Life in Lithuania (VIG has been successfully distributing products in the non-life area through the Polish Group company Compensa Non-Life since 2010. The newly formed company takes now over the business of the Polish Compensa Non-Life company.)


2016 Expansion in Serbia and Romania

VIG continued its successful expansion in the CEE region with acquisitions in Serbia and Romania in 2016. The acquired AXA companies will be integrated in existing group companies. The acquisition of BTA Baltic was completed on 24th of August 2016.


2017 Mergers strengthen bank distribution

VIG is combining the expertise of its companies to strengthen the bank insurance business. VIG is merging its local composite insurers with life insurance companies that specialise in bank distribution in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. The mergers will be concluded during the course of 2018, subject to approval by local authorities.

The Group reinsurance company, VIG Re, which is headquartered in Prague, opened its first office in Frankfurt in September.

VIG further improved its competitive position in the Baltic states by merging InterRisk (formerly Baltikums) with BTA Baltic and using BTA Baltic as a common brand. In August 2017, VIG concluded the merger of Serbian Group company Wiener Städtische Osiguranje and the two AXA companies that were acquired in 2016. VIG has signed a purchase agreement for Merkur Osiguranje in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

2018 Merger, acquisitions and expansion of cooperation agreement

VIG launched the merger process in 2017, and concluded the merger of Hungarian VIG Group companies Erste Biztosító and Vienna Life Biztosító into Union Biztosító in 2018. As a result, the Group has achieved a scale that guarantees more effective operations in Hungary, and which enable the Group to reach its objective of a market share of around 10% in the medium term.

In Slovakia, the merger of bancassurance company PSLSP into Kooperativa resulted in the bundling of resources and expertise too.

On 17 May 2018 the agreement to extend the cooperation between Erste Group and VIG until the end of 2033 was signed.

Market presence in Poland significantly increased through acquisition of 100 percent of the shares of Gothaer Towarzystwo Ubezpieczen. VIG operates with four companies and three different brands in the Polish insurance market.

One year after opening its first branch, in Frankfurt, VIG Re has taken the second step in its international expansion process and opened its second branch office in Paris.

2019 Activity in Northern Europe intensified

VIG expands its activity in Northern Europe via branch offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and will be offering insurance solutions to corporate customers through a locally established team of VIG underwriters. Finnish customers will be serviced within the framework of the freedom to provide services.