Details 1990-2007

1990 Entry into the insurance market of the former Czechoslovakia by participation in the founding of Kooperativa

Foundation of the German insurer InterRisk, Wiesbaden

1991 Merger of the life and burial insurance company, Wiener Verein, with Wiener Städtische

1992 Acquisition of 70% of the share capital of Montanversicherung, specialising in industrial insurance

The insurance business of "Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige Versicherungsanstalt" is separated and embedded into the joint-stock company with the name "Wiener Städtische Allgemeine Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft". "Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige" continues as "Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige Versicherungsanstalt Vermögensverwaltung" and assumes the functions of a financial holding company.

1993 In the course of the separation of the former Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, Kooperativa is divided into three successor companies with registered offices in Bratislava, Brno and Prague. In 1999 the offices in Brno and Prague are merged into the Kooperativa (Czech Repbulic). In the Slovak Republic Kooperativa (Slovakia) starts business.

1994 In October, Wiener Städtische goes public and issues preferred shares at the Vienna Stock Exchange

1996 Entry into the Hungarian insurance market

1998 Entry into the Polish insurance market

1999 Foundation of Vienna Life in Liechtenstein

Entry into the Croatian insurance market through "Wiener Städtische osiguranje d.d."

Foundation of the Wiener Städtische branch in Italy

2000 Foundation of life insurance company Vienna Life in Poland

2001 Entry into the Romanian insurance market, acquisition of interest in the Romanian company Unita S.A.

Acquisition of the Slovakian company Komunálna  

Merger of Wiener Städtische osiguranje and Kvarner into Kvarner

Acquisition of the two Polish insurance companies, Compensa Non-Life and Compensa Life

2002 Acquisition of interest in the Belarussian insurance company Kupala

Acquisition of the Bulgarian Bulgarski Imoti Life and Non-life

Acquisition of a majority stake in the Romanian agricultural insurance company Agras S.A.

Acquisition of an interest in the Slovakian company Kontinuita

2003 Entry into Serbia by establishing Wiener Städtische Osiguranje

Merger of Heros into Compensa Non-life in Poland

2004 Acquisition of the sole ownership in the Slovak Kontinuita

Launch of business activity in Slovenia by establishing a branch office in Ljubljana

Acquisition of interest in the Ukrainian insurance company Jupiter

2005 Acquisition of a majority stake in the Rumanian Omniasig, which holds shares in other insurance companies

Acquisition of a majority stake in Ukrainian insurance company Kniazha

Acquisition of 100% of the shares of ČPP by Kooperativa

Acquisition of interests in the Polish insurance companies Benefia Non-life and Benefia Life and in the Polish life insurance Royal Polska

Acquisition of a majority stake in the Croatian life insurer Cosmopolitan Life  

Acquisition of a stake in Kardan Financial Services B.V. (KFS), the majority owner of TBIH Financial Services Group NV, a holding with insurance interests in CEE

First capital Increase – 18,642,400 new shares were placed

2006 Acquisition of the majority stake in Polish CIGNA STU S.A.

Acquisition of the Ukrainian insurer Globus

Entry into the Russian insurance market by a joint venture with MSK/Moscow Insurance Company

Transformation of the 40% stake in Kardan Financial Services B.V. into a direct participation of 60% in TBIH Financial Services Group

Introduction of the umbrella brand “Vienna Insurance Group” and renaming “Wiener Städtische Allgemeine Versicherung AG” into “WIENER STÄDTISCHE Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group”

2007 Acquisition of the majority stake in the non-life insurance company PZM

Entry into the Turkish insurance market by the acquisition of Ray Sigorta

Market entry in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo by the acquisition of Sigma  

Acquisition of the majority stake in Asirom