"We focus on providing our customers in CEE with custom products and services tailored to their needs. Our strategy is geared towards long-term profitability and steady earnings growth, making us a reliable partner in rapidly changing times."


Have a closer look at the VIG Corporate Presentation and the Group Magazine on . Further Information on the VIG-Group and the VIG share can be found in the fact sheet.

Over 25,000 employees work for Vienna Insurance Group, at around 50 companies in 30 countries. We develop insurance solutions in line with personal and local needs, which has made us the leader in the insurance industry in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Expertise & Stability
Vienna Insurance Group is an international insurance group headquartered in the Austrian capital. After the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, the Group expanded rapidly from a purely Austrian business into an international group. Vienna Insurance Group is synonymous with stability and expertise in providing financial protection against risks. Experience coupled with a focus on our core competence of providing insurance coverage, forms a solid and secure basis for the Group’s 22 million-plus customers.

Focus on Central and Eastern Europe
Vienna Insurance Group places an emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe as its home market and pursues a long-term strategy in the markets where it is represented. The Group generates more than half of its total business volume in CEE and still sees scope for considerable growth in this region. The economic growth in CEE was on average twice as high as in Western Europe and the insurance density is still far below the EU average.

Local Market Presence
For Vienna Insurance Group, protecting customers financially against risk is a responsibility. The Group pursues a local multi-brand strategy based on established local brands as well as local management. Ultimately, the Group’s success and closeness to its customers is down to the strengths of each individual brand and local know-how.

Strong Finances & Credit Rating
Vienna Insurance Group has an A+ rating with stable outlook from the well-known rating agency Standard & Poor’s. The Vienna Insurance Group is listed in Vienna, Prague and Budapest. Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein – a stable core shareholder with a long-term focus – owns around 70% of VIG’s shares. The remaining shares are in free float.