RSS Feeds

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. RSS feeds are a simple and easy way to receive information about updates to our website.

The Vienna Insurance Group makes the Group’s press releases, IR News and Ad-hoc News available through RSS feeds. These pages are thus automatically checked at regular intervals for new content. Subscribers use a special reading program (RSS reader) or their web browsers (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, etc.) to view a list of updates.


Please choose one of the feeds:

Investor Relations and Ad-hoc News

The Vienna Insurance Group sends out all Group information that is relevant to the capital market in the form of Ad-hoc News or Investor Relations News. This includes, for example, earnings reports, information on VIG acquisitions, capital measures, news concerning Group management and information on VIG shares.

Press Releases

News topics regarding the Vienna Insurance Group that are important to the media and the public in general are sent out as press releases. In addition to news relating to the capital market, this includes, for example, information on cooperative arrangements entered into by the Vienna Insurance Group, prizes and awards received by Group companies, information on sponsoring projects, or information on current exhibitions (e.g. architecture).