VIG supports Ukraine

VIG Group sets numerous supporting measures for people and colleagues in Ukraine

(VIG short film about the support for Ukraine within the VIG Group only available in English)

The entire VIG Group is shocked and dismayed by the current situation in Ukraine. As part of the solidarity-based world community that stands for humanity, it goes without saying for VIG to offer support and help wherever possible. Immediately after the war began, VIG has started to set up a team to coordinate supporting activities with Ukrainian colleagues.

VIG CEO Elisabeth Stadler

“There is great sympathy and willingness to help within our Group. Other Group companies in Ukraine's neighbouring states have also started similar activities to organize transportation from the Ukrainian border and to host colleagues and families in need in provided accommodation. I would like to thank all colleagues for truly living solidarity in our Group”, says VIG CEO Elisabeth Stadler.

The VIG employees have also mobilized in other VIG countries, such as Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia and Hungary, and efforts are being made to do everything possible to alleviate suffering and provide full support.

VIG Group provides apartments for employees of Ukrainian companies

Hundreds of thousands of people had to flee Ukraine in the past few days, many of whom have set out to find a safe place for themselves and their families in the direct neighboring countries and in Austria. Especially women and children are on their way or have already arrived in our countries. Among them are numerous colleagues from the Ukrainian VIG companies. Among other actions, the VIG Group provides vacant apartments equipped with all the necessities from its real estate portfolio for arrivals.


VIG Family Fund

VIG Family Fund established for Ukraine

Additionally, the VIG Management has proactively set up the VIG Family Fund to enable all VIG Group companies and employees to support our Ukrainian colleagues and their families in a targeted way. The fund aims to cover medium and long-term war damages. The basic allocation by VIG is EUR 5 million, and the Group companies in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe are already making additional contributions. VIG employees can also support it directly with their donations.


VIG Board Member Harald Riener

“With this fund it is our goal to support directly affected families of our Ukrainian Group companies (UIG, Kniazha, Kniazha Life, VIG Services Ukraine, Ukrainian Assistance Service) to alleviate personal strokes of fate, cases of hardship and reconstruction after the war. A VIG Holding committee together with local committees will be set up to distribute targeted support under my personal leadership. The fund has been endowed with EUR 5 million as a basis. All our companies are invited to contribute to this fund. There is also a strong desire among the employees in the Group to contribute to any kind of support and, of course, employees can also take advantage of this opportunity and contribute directly to this fund”, explains Harald Riener, VIG Managing Board member and responsible for Ukraine.

In addition to the human suffering, the economic impact of the conflict and sanctions are also expected to be far-reaching. VIG continues to analyse current developments on an ongoing basis.

We can only hope that sanity and peace will soon return and that the right measures will be found to defuse this crisis as quickly as possible and prevent further unnecessary suffering of people. Our thoughts are with the VIG colleagues in Ukraine and their families in these depressing times!