Investor Relations

Roadshows & Bank Conferences

Here you can find an overview of all Roadshows and those Bank Conferences, VIG will participate or has participated in the past. All presentations shown in the course of these events are provided as well.

Important Information

Due to the current Corona pandemic, the planned events cannot be held as usual. We are happy to assist you any time by phone: +43 (0)50 390-21920 or e-mail: investor.relations(at)
Investor Relations continues to coordinate and organize for investors and shareholders contact with the
VIG-Holding Management Board.
Please get in touch with the IR Team!

Date Presentation Roadshow / Bank Conference (virtual)
20 January 2021 1.6 MB Kepler Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference
28 January 2021 1.6 MB Erste Group Conviction Equity Investors Conference
09 February 2021 1.6 MB Baader Austrian Conference Rhineland
24 March 2021 1.6 MB ABN AMRO Bank N.V., Insurance meets Capital
07 April 2021 1.6 MB Kepler Cheuvreux Digital Austrian Equity Days
13 April 2021 1.6 MB RCB Investor Conference
26 May 2021 1.7 MB Autonomous Insurance and AWMs virtual conference
15 June 2021 1.5 MB J.P. Morgan European Insurance Conference
23 Sept. 2021   Baader Investment Conference