Investor Relations

Roadshows & Bank Conferences

Here you can find an overview of all Roadshows and those Bank Conferences, VIG will participate or has participated in the past. All presentations shown in the course of these events are provided as well.

DatePresentationRoadshow / Bank Conference
17 January 20183.8 MBKepler Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt
25 January 20181.4 MBRoadshow, Zurich
13 February 20181.4 MBUBS CEEMEA & Italian Financials Conference, Milan
22 February 20181.8 MBBaader Bank Austrian Conference, Amsterdam
03 April 2018908 KBConcorde Budapest Investor Meetup 2018, Budapest
05 April 2018­908 KBKepler Cheuvreux Austrian Equity Days, Paris
09/10 April 2018908 KBRCB Institutional Investor Conference, Zurs
18 April 20181.3 MBAutonomous CEE Financial Conference, London
30 May 20181.3 MBJ.P. Morgan European Insurance Conference, London
13 June 20181.3 MBEmerging European Financials Conference (Wood & Company), Warsaw
18 September 20181.3 MBAustria & CEE Investor Conference, London
24 September 2018Baader Investment Conference, Munich
25 September 2018Bank of America Merrill Lynch CEO Conference, London
05 October 2018European Financial Conference (Commerzbank), Warsaw
11 October 2018Erste Bank Investor Conference, Stegersbach