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Corporate Governance Report

Last update 13 May 2019

Vienna Insurance Group complies with all of the rules of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance.

External Evaluation of Compliance with the Code

C-Rule 62 of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance provides voluntary external evaluation of compliance with the C-Rules of the Code at least every three years. Vienna Insurance Group had this evaluation performed for the 2017 Corporate Governance Report.

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Corporate Governance Report VIG 2018492 KB17 April 2019
Corporate Governance Report VIG 2017504 KB18 April 2018
KPMG Evaluation of CG-Report 201756 KB18 April 2018
Wolf Theiss Evaluation of CG-Report 201760 KB18 April 2018
Corporate Governance Report VIG 2016469 KB20 April 2017
Corporate Governance Report VIG 2015417 KB18 April 2016
KPMG Evaluation of CG-Report 2015 24 KB18 April 2016
Wolf Theiss Evaluation of CG-Report 2015228 KB18 April 2016