Investor Relations


Last update 30 April 2020

Financial year 2019

For the financial year­ 2019

KPMG Austria GmbH
Wirtschafts­prüfungs- und Steuer­beratungs­gesellschaft

has been appointed as the auditors of the financial statements of the Company and the auditors of the consolidated financial statements.

Auditing fees for the financial statements and for the consolidated financial statements were EUR 1,459,000.

Auditing fees and auditing services

Composition (in EUR '000) 2019 2018
Audit of consolidated financial statements 251 251
Audit of parent company financial statements 56 66
Other audit services 369 343
Tax advisory fees 119 4
Other fees 664 532
Total 1,459 1,196

Auditor's report

Report on the consolidated financial statements (176 KB)