Investor Relations


Last update 19 April 2023

For the financial year­ 2022

KPMG Austria GmbH
Wirtschafts­prüfungs- und Steuer­beratungs­gesellschaft
(KPMG Austria)

has been appointed as the auditors of the financial statements of the Company and the auditors of the consolidated financial statements.

Auditing fees and auditing services

Expenses of EUR 1,977,000 were recognised during the financial year for services provided by KPMG Austria GmbH and the Austrian member firms (KPMG Austria-wide).

Composition (in EUR '000)   2022   2021
  KPMG Austria wide KPMG Austria GmbH1 Total Total
Audit of consolidated financial statements 0 745 745 265
Audit of parent company financial statements 0 62 62 59
Other audit services 273 718 991 423
Tax advisory fees 3 0 3 9
Fees for audit-related services 40 136 176 608
Total 316 1,661 1,977 1,364

1 Reference is made to the decision of the supervisory authority for financial statement auditors dated 14 April 2022 and to the amending decision dated 20 April 2022, which sets out the release of KPMG Austria GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft as auditor of VIG from its requirements pursuant to Art. 4 (2) (1) Regulation EU No. 537/2014. The decision was issued in connection with the review of an annual financial statement as of 31 March 2022, which became necessary as a result of a bond issuance, and the associated payments. 

Auditor's report

Report on the consolidated financial statements