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Corporate Governance

Governance Structure: The three corporate bodies of VIG Holding

Last update 12 September 2022

Shareholder structure incl. geographical split of identified free float; Source: Investor Update, May 2022

General Meeting

Responsibilites: The General Meeting serves to jointly form the will of the shareholders in the affairs of the Company. The General Meeting shall pass resolutions in the cases expressly stipulated by law or in the Articles of Association. These include resolutions on the appropriation of profits, the discharge of the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board, the remuneration policy and the remuneration report and the election to the Supervisory Board.

Organisation: General Meetings are called by the Company at least once a year; shareholders have the right to attend the General Meeting and exercise their rights when they prove their qualification as shareholder on the Record Date.

Find more information in the Articles of Association or in the documents of the AGM.

Zusammensetzung Aufsichtsrat / Composition Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

Responsibilities: The Supervisory Board shall supervise the management of the Company. Additionally, there are certain transactions that are subject to the consent of the Supervisory Board (Articles of Association Article 15 The Supervisory Board – Responsibilities).

Composition: At the moment the Supervisory Board consists of 12 Supervisory Board members (shareholder representatives). The following qualified Supervisory Board committees are established:

Zusammensetzung Vorstand / Composition Managing Board

Managing Board

Responsibilities: The Managing Board shall manage the Company in such manner as the benefit of the Company requires, taking into consideration the interests of the shareholders and the employees as well as the public interest. The Managing Board represents the Company both in and out of court.

Composition: At the moment the Managing Board consists of eight Members of the Managing Board with individual areas and countries of responsibility.