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Last update 1 December 2022

The internationally recognised rating agency Standard & Poor's once again confirmed the A+ rating with stable outlook for Vienna Insurance Group AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe on 1 December 2022.

S&P Global Ratings Report 2022

Business Risk and Financial Risk Profile of VIG from the perspective of S&P Global Ratings.

S&P Global Ratings Report (1.04 MB)


Excerpt from the latest rating report

Strengths Risks

Market leader in Austria and several Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets with a well-diversified insurance portfolio enhanced by strong distribution capabilities, which are amplified by an exclusive bancassurance contract with Erste Bank.

VIG is facing increasing economic pressure and rising institutional risks in developing markets. In particular, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, and Romania which have rising inflation, tightened financial conditions, and lingering recession risks. VIG has a somewhat higher regional earnings concentration compared to higher rated peers.

Sizable capital buffer at the 'AAA' level as per our risk-based capital model, supported by the group's underwriting discipline.

Relatively high capital sensitivity to market movements, in particular interest rates.

Sound reinsurance protection that limits the group's natural catastrophe losses from diverse perils in Austria and CEE.


Excerpt from the S&P Global Ratings Report of 01/12/2022.

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