International Accounting Standards


International Financial Reporting Standards. Since 2002, the designation IFRS has stood for the overall framework of all standards adopted by the International Accounting Standards Board. Previously adopted standards continue to be referred to as International Accounting Standards (IAS).

Income from capital assets and interest income

Income from capital assets and other interest income is comprised of income from equity interests (from associated companies), income from land and buildings, income from other capital assets, income from write-ups, gains from the sale of capital assets, and other income from capital assets and interest income.

Indirect business

Insurance business where the company acts as a reinsurer.

Insurance density

Annual per capita insurance premiums, used as an indicator for the state of development of a country's insurance sector.

Insurance payments (net)

Expenses (after deducting reinsurance) for insurance claims.

Insurance supervisory authority

The Austrian insurance supervisory authority is a part of the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) that was established as an independent authority in April 2002. Its supervision extends to private-sector insurance companies with registered offices in Austria.