Corporate Respons­ibility

Customer orientation

In addition to having many customers, Vienna Insurance Group’s main goal is to have satisfied customers. To keep them satisfied, the company wants to exceed expectations – while being friendlier, faster, more reliable and more creative.

Vienna Insurance Group uses local management to get closer to customers than others. The local managers and employees of the VIG companies in each country know the needs of the people in their region the best and can therefore also act quickly in the interests of all their customers. Instead of viewing the CEE region as homogeneous, VIG takes into account the structural differences and stages of development of the different insurance markets. As a result, business models are not simply transferred from one country to another without change. Products and distribution must instead be appropriate for the situation in each individual market and must be custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of local customers.

Contact details of local insurance companies: VIG in CEE