Corporate Respons­ibility


The focus is on the following areas:

  • address climate change and climate risks
  • use energy and materials efficiently, minimise greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, especially from office buildings and personal transport

The measures and responsibilities are defined and assigned as follows:

  • raise awareness of climate risks (all Group companies)
  • collect and analyse key environmental figures (CSR Officer)
  • use energy-efficient constructionfor new office building projects (Management)
  • increase the use of alternatives to air and car business travel, i.e. public transport and video conferences (Travel Coordination and travellers)

For the first time Group-wide key environmental indicators were calculated in the reporting year 2017:

Electricity use in kWh per employee1,444
Heating use in kWh per employee2,090
Kilometres of air travel by VIG6,907,486
CO² emissions in kg per employee1,646