Corporate Respons­ibility


The focus is on the following areas:

  • adjusting the business model for climate change (incl. underwriting)
  • conserving resources in our own business operations

Our ambition:

  • all Group companies actively work on building awareness of climate risks
  • the business model, including underwriting, is being adjusted for climate change
  • CSR Officers continue to develop internal environmental management

In the reporting year 2019 Group-wide key environmental indicators were again calculated:

Key figure 2019* 2018** 2017
Electricity use in kWh 37,714,981 34,853,014 35,399,037
Heating use in kWh 49,172,287 48,381,772 51,207,830
Kilometres of air travel 8,618,909 6,919,037 6,907,486
Corporate carbon footprint in tonnes of CO2 equivalents 35,859 32,439


*including five additional companies compared to the previous year

** As a result of plausibility checking, values for 2018 were corrected and adjusted.