Corporate Respons­ibility


VIG Insurance Group wants to serve as broad a range of people as possible – with innovative products that provide social and environmental added value.

Customer orientation and product innovation

The local Group companies are responsible for designing products and services that meet the needs of their local customers. An overview:

  • “Green” life insurance
    In addition to covering personal risks, some insurance products also have a positive effect on society and the environment. VIG insurance companies, for example, offer unit-linked life insurance policies that invest in ESG funds.
  • Insurance products providing environmental added value
    Custom-tailored insurance policies promote environmentally friendly mobility and energy-efficient construction.
  • Insurance for innovative, sustainable technologies
    VIG Insurance Group helps promote the transition to renewable energy by providing insurance for equipment in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Digital services
    The VIG companies develop new products and services that make life easier for customers. Digital solutions are ranging from customer advice to insurance solutions all the way to claims handling.
  • Affordable protection
    Lower premiums for certain target groups allow more people to purchase insurance coverage.
  • Creating added value by assistance services
    VIG Group customers in many countries are supported by the Group's own service companies. Several services are being offered digitally based on a software system that was developed in-house, one of the most modern on the market.
Elisabeth Stadler

“Climate change and digitalisation are the big challenges that will determine our future.“
Elisabeth Stadler, Chairwoman

The digital transformation is at the top of the VIG Group agenda.

The VIG 25 strategic programme underscores the VIG Group’s efforts to further strengthen and improve its client relationships. This objective is closely related to the digital transformation. The VIG insurance companies have prepared individual plans for implementing the digital transformation that take special local circumstances into account. VIG Holding uses centralised resources to assist with this process:

  1. Digital Hub

    The Digital Hub collates experiences from within the Group, performs additional research, in the area of InsurTechs for example, and makes this knowledge available to all the companies. The Digital Hub also provides information on start-ups and connects the companies with each other in order to build a Group-wide digitalization and innovation community. Cooperations,such as those with Digital Impact Labs Leipzig, Plug and Play and Venpace, also take place through the Hub.

  2. Digital Base

    The Digital Base is a web platform that the companies can use to exchange.

  3. VIG Xelerate

    The internal Group innovation competition VIG Xelerate is another measure implemented by VIG Holding to promote the digital transformation. It offers financial support for promising digitalisation projects proposed by the companies, while also strengthening a culture of openness and innovation. Around EUR 9 million has been distributed so far.

Strict rules and clearly defined processes for data protection and security

The VIG Group implements many measures to protect sensitive customer and employee data. A data protection coordinator at VIG Holding has managed all such projects since 2019. The data protection officers at the individual companies are responsible for implementing specific measures. They also analyse new projects from a data protection point of view and train employees. The data protection management system includes technical and organizational measures, as well as measures to raise the awareness of risks.

The data protection experts in the Group share information extensively. Meetings are held by video conference approximately every three weeks. They either discuss a pre-arranged topic, such as a recent decision by the European Court of Justice, or deal with a variety of topics in an “open meeting”. This can take place in private with the coordinator or together with other responsible persons.

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