Corporate Respons­ibility

CSR in Core business

CSR in Core business

In 2016, VIG began increasing its sustainability activities at the strategic level. The process started with a materiality analysis that allowed her to identify the CSR topics that the stakeholders and management felt should be top priority.

These findings were incorporated in the new sustainability strategy in reporting year 2017. In 2018, the materiality analysis was supplemented by an impact analysis. With this, the effects of the business activities can be presented even more clearly.

The CSR strategy is divided into five core areas:

  • CSR in Core business
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Society
  • Environment

CSR in core business covers a wide range of aspects; from the Code of Conduct and risk management to partnerships and investment, CSR principles are anchored in all core processes.

The core business of VIG has always required being able to satisfies all of the future commitments we make to customers today, to take responsibility and to think in terms of and for generations. Foresightedness and profitable growth are the basic requirements for the long-term stability of the Group. In addition, economic goals should also be aligned with social and environmental aspects.

The focus is on the following areas:

  • manage forward-looking long-term growth and financial stability
  • include social, environmental and governance factors in the general business and risk strategy
  • integrate environmental concerns, social concerns and human rights in the investment process
  • comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and self-imposed internal requirements (e.g. Code of Business Ethics) and prevent corruption and bribery

Our ambition:

  • Management combines economic objectives with social and environmental factors and integrates them in the core business
  • Asset Management includes nonfinancial factors in the investment process
  • Compliance continuously improves compliance management system
  • CSR Officers expand knowledge about CSR topics and professionalise CSR management