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Social Active Day

Social Active Day 2014 of IRAO
Social Active Day bei IRAO © IRAO

Thousands of VIG employees send a powerful message for more involvement, charity and solidarity on the Social Active Day.

Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein started the Vienna Insurance Group Social Active Day in 2011, right in the middle of the financial and economic crisis, and it quickly became a success. This is how the initiative works: employees of VIG and its Group companies who want to become involved with a good cause or social organisation are generally allowed to spend one working day of their time on such activities. The number of VIG companies and branches taking part in the Social Active Day 2019 amounted to 36 in 21 countries.

The Group supported a wide range of projects and social organisations that also differed greatly across regions. This was confirmed by Barbara Grötschnig, who is responsible for coordinating the Social Active Day: “It is impressive to see how many of our colleagues donate their time for good causes and how creative they are. I am especially happy about the steady growth of the Social Active Day and how it could develop its own internal momentum.”