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Trainee program

The two people smiling so nicely here are our new trainees, Sarah and Katrin. They’re going to introduce us to their trainee program at VIG and give us some insights into the journey they’re taking.

The start of every great love affair is about that all-important first meeting. Katrin found us at a careers fair. It was love at first sight! 

Here goes: Sarah works in the Ringturm in the heart of Vienna. 

The place to be: this is where VIG will write the next chapter in its history – an e-mail can be good enough for starters.

Teamwork makes the dream work! That’s why every VIG trainee has a buddy who’s there to any answer questions and give advice. Sarah goes through her training plan with her buddy Lisa.

Insurance is boring? Don’t believe a word of it! Sarah and Katrin take a playful look at the insurance business during their onboarding program. 

Hi Vienna! Diving into a new working week. Our trainee Sarah doesn’t just enjoy the view from the Ringturm, she also loves working for CEE’s biggest insurance group. 

Calling all paternoster fans! Our trainees love to take the paternoster instead of the lift and stairs. It’s one of only a handful left in Vienna, a real highlight. 

Our trainees are always on the move! And there’s never a dull moment on the way, lots of eye-catching artworks to discover spread across seven floors. 

Putting the finishing touches to a Powerpoint: good luck for your first presentation in the team meeting, Katrin! 

Coffee time: Sarah and Katrin run through the to-do list for the week ahead with their colleague Klemens. 

Autograph session on our Wall of Fame. All mobility programme candidates who visit VIG’s Vienna office leave a message in their native language. 

‘Namaste’ from the VIG gym! Yoga is just one of many sports activities that employees and stressed trainees can do to unwind. 

Good morning, Vienna Insurance Group! Our trainee Sarah finds out what goes on in other departments, learning about processes and how different parts of the company are linked.

butfirstcoffee... The perfect way to start the day!

Today’s the big day: Katrin’s making her first presentation to the team. But there’s no need for stage fright, all that preparation has paid off. 

After a successful week at work, it's roll on the weekend for Sarah. Happy weekend!

Done any shredding today? Sure! Data protection’s a big deal here. 

Keep calm and carry on: when things aren’t going so well, your colleagues are always ready to listen and help you out. 

Bon appetit! Food tastes better with friends. Our trainees Sarah and Katrin try out some of the food in the staff restaurant along with their colleague Klemens.

Watch the weight fall off ;) The in-house gym’s a great place to unwind after work. 

The trainees get to know co-workers from CEE at the regular international meet-up. We’ll drink to that! 

#Hello: you know how to use a calculator properly and how to solve tricky problems? Then VIG’s finance or actuarial services team is just the place for you Σ ‰ ➗

Thumbs up! Great feedback for Katrin. Regular feedback from mentors helps our trainees to keep on developing.

We wish you all a great week! Our trainee Sarah comes back from the weekend full of energy and raring to go. 



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