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Interview with Expat Christoph Rath

Christoph Rath


What is your VIG story?

"After finishing my degree I started work as assistant to the Managing Board in the General Secretariat. A few years later I moved to Serbia to take up the position of General Secretary and in summer 2007 I joined the Managing Board at Wiener Städtische Osiguranje's Belgrade office. Then I took on another exciting new challenge, as a director at Bulgarian Group company Bulstrad." 


In your view, what's so special about VIG?

"I would say it’s the great career opportunities abroad that VIG offers its employees. I jumped at the opportunity and I’ve never regretted making the move to another country."


As an expat, what does your typical working day look like?

"There’s no such thing as a typical working day! You have day-to-day tasks, but every day you’re faced with unexpected and exciting challenges. No two days are the same – key account management, major losses, and investment decisions are all part of my responsibilities."


 What has been your most interesting / most exciting experience at VIG?

"The most exciting was the merger of Bulgarski Imoti and Bulstrad. Personally speaking, moving from Serbia to Bulgaria as an expat in such a short space of time was particularly challenging."


What was most appealing about becoming an expat?

"The most attractive thing is that I don’t have a run-of-the mill job. And as a foreigner I’ve experienced new cultures and professional environments, first in Serbia and then in Bulgaria."


What was your greatest challenge? What your greatest success?

"Getting a foothold in my new job and gaining the acceptance of my colleagues was a real challenge. And my biggest success has definitely been working as a team with the local staff to meet our targets."