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Internal job market & international employment

Internal job market

Alexandru Spiridon

We help committed, qualified staff members who are looking for new challenges and responsibilities to find new positions within the Group. Around 30 percent of vacancies at VIG Holding are filled by internal applicants.   

“VIG provided the launching pad for an international career after I had finished my degree at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. After completing an international mobility program and several years of working experience in Bucharest, I found a position at VIG Holding through the internal job market.”
Alexandru Spiridon, VIG Actuarial Services (c) Picture: Dialogschmiede

Working abroad

At VIG you have the opportunity to do an international assignment in a VIG company, for example as an 'expat'. Colleagues on international assignment act as an important link between our entities. So the head office gets a face and mutual know-how exchange is easier.