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Strategy of VIG Human Resources

The main elements of the VIG Human Resources strategy are based on the Group´s values and its key strategic and management principles:

  • Establishing service quality and customer focus as the most important core competences of employees
  • Strengthening VIG's position as an attractive local employer with an international background for ambitious individuals
  • Developing Group-wide management and expert competences
  • Enhancing diversity through various measures

The Vienna Insurance Group has implemented a range of initiatives designed to achieve these, and will continue to do so in the years ahead.   

We are VIG! Success through commitment

Birgit Moosmann, head of Human Resources at VIG Holding, on career enjoyment, prospects and diversity.

You have been head of Human Resources at VIG Holding since 2011. How would you describe your work with approximately 25,000 employees?

Exciting, dynamic, sometimes hectic and almost always interesting. I am responsible for implementing Groupwide initiatives and incentives and setting the framework for local responsibles. No two days are the same. This is partly due to the remarkable diversity of our employees, which I believe truly enriches the company and is an important factor in our success. Original thinkers, colourful personalities and performance-oriented employees with open minds are always welcome in the VIG team.

Does that mean VIG is not just looking for sales employees?

That's right, although customer sales and service will always naturally be extremely important for our business success. But the same is true for experts like actuaries, lawyers or traditional managers and risk managers. In order to provide development opportunities for precisely these experts, we introduced a separate expert career path in the VIG competence model in 2014 parallel to the raditional management career path. This is now being rolled out in stages in the Group companies.

What makes VIG an attractive employer?

There are quite a few factors I could mention. In my view, however, the most important is that VIG offers its employees attractive prospects and development opportunities. Ultimately, after all, a job has to be enjoyable. That is the only way you can really feel comfortable in it and make things happen. We satisfy this basic need by providing a broad range of basic and advanced training courses, the opportunity to gather international experience and an attractive working environment. Finally, there is also the special spirit of our company, our corporate culture that makes VIG an employer of choice.

What goals have you set yourself for the years to come?

We will continue to work on developing the skills and abilities of our employees and ensure they have the qualifications and qualities needed to implement our corporate strategy. At the same time, however, we cannot lose sight of the importance of mutual respect and an understanding of different cultures and practices. The VIG team is diverse and capable, speaks many languages and is highly motivated. We nevertheless have to strive to be better every day - we owe that to ourselves and the stakeholders of VIG.