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The performance of our people has made us one of the leading insurance businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. With around 50 independent Group companies in 30 European countries, we can specifically target a wide range of customer groups, as well as benefiting from firmly established distribution channels. 

Job applications (VIG Holding)

  1. Should I apply for a position at VIG?

    From actuaries to lawyers, sales specialists to communications experts, and trainees to IT professionals – the companies in the VIG employ people with a wide variety of occupational backgrounds.

    We are always pleased to hear from highly motivated, dedicated individuals who have what it takes to play a part in our successful development, and who appreciate the diversity that sets the VIG apart from its competitors.

    Who we are looking for

  2. Where can I find details of current vacancies?

    Current vacancies at VIG Holding can be found here.

    We also provide support and advice on starting a career at VIG at various recruiting events. We look forward to meeting you in person. You can find us here.

    Details of who to contact at other parts of the Vienna Insurance Group can be found here.

  3. How can I submit my application?

    We are always interested in recruiting motivated employees. Regardless of whether you are still in education or fresh out of university, or you already have some professional experience, the Vienna Insurance Group can offer you a challenging and exciting career. Click here to find out more about the application process.

    The respective recruitment contact can be found here if you would like to apply directly at one of the companies in the VIG Group.

  4. Can I submit a general application?

    General applications are always welcome – we look forward to hearing from you soon. Please ensure that you indicate which areas of the Group are of particular interest to you and when you would be available to start work. We actively work with this pool of applications and will be in touch if a suitable position becomes available. It is also worth checking our job vacancies on a regular basis. 

  5. What should my application look like?

    Digital data transfer makes the application process quicker and more efficient for all parties. Which is why we would like to ask you to apply via our portal.

    When submitting your online application please ensure that you have the following documents as attachments:

    • Cover letter
    • Curriculum vitae
  6. What stages are involved in the application process?

    Click here for an overview of the individual stages.

  7. What form do interviews take? What can I do to ensure I am properly prepared?

    Interviews represent a chance for both sides to get to know one another, answer any questions and set out expectations. To help prepare, we recommend finding out as much as you can about VIG as a company and employer as well as details of the vacant position – including the responsibilities and precise requirements involved. For more information about the different parts of VIG, click here.

  8. Do you offer trainee programs, part-time positions and internships? Is there a graduate careers scheme?

    There are many different ways to embark upon a career at VIG. Further information can be found here

  9. Which career events can I attend to find out more about VIG?

    You can talk to us at various career fairs, such as Career Calling. Click here to find out more about career events. 

  10. What language skills are required?

    According to the position you apply for, you will be expected to have excellent German or English skills. Eastern European languages are an advantage.

  11. Do I need to have experience of the insurance industry?

    Depending on the position, prior experience is an advantage. In some cases it is a requirement.

  12. Can I also apply for jobs at other Vienna Insurance Group companies?

    Recruiting contacts at Group companies can be found here.

Career development (VIG Holding)

  1. What can I expect on my first day?

    To help you launch your career at the Vienna Insurance Group, we offer an extensive onboarding program, which includes a welcome day on your first day at the company. Further information can be found here

  2. What kind of career development opportunities are on offer at VIG?

    Training and development is one of the Group’s top priorities. We organise a range of personal and professional development training schemes designed to prepare our employees for management and expert roles. In many cases group learning and learning from each other is a core component. We offer Group-wide management training programs, specialist training academies and mobility programs. You can find out more about our training and development programs here.

    VIG helps committed, qualified employees who are looking for new challenges and responsibilities to find new positions within the Group. Many positions and departments involve working in international teams. The internal job market and an international mobility program also provide an opportunity for employees to build on their existing expertise.