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Angelika Pocza

Recruiting, Onboarding
+43 50 390 20216

"I have been working at VIG Holding since February 2017 and after an initially generalist position with focus on succession planning, residence permits for foreign colleagues and support in terms of recruiting, I have now taken on the recruiter role since the beginning of 2019. My second field of responsibility is the onboarding of our new employees, which is a suitable addition to recruiting. In my job I appreciate the variety, ongoing challenges and the interaction with colleagues and applicants.”
(c) Picture: Klaus Ranger

Barbara Zierler

+43 50 390 26021

"After studying business administration, it was clear to me that I wanted to work in HR. I started my professional career in personnel provision, followed by a job in personnel consulting and lastly was employed in a large Viennese company for 7 years. Since spring 2019 I have been working in recruiting for VIG. What I love about my job? The variety of getting to know different people in the recruiting process as well as following and accompanying the careers of new employees."
(c) Picture: Doris Lohr


Krisztina Szabo

HR-Generalist with focus on Recruiting
+43 50 390 20251

“In addition to the varied and multifaceted parts of my work, I greatly appreciate the international cooperation, inter-divisional tasks and the friendly atmosphere among my colleagues. I am delighted and proud to be involved in various HR projects, thereby contributing to the development of the Vienna Insurance Group and ultimately to its positive results. As an HR Generalist I provide support in the areas of managing candidate database, job advertising including suggesting adverts, onboarding, recruiting and employer branding in connection to career fairs and cooperations with Universities etc.“
(c) Picture: Klaus Engelmayer


Angela Fleischlig-Tangl

Mobility Programs, Employer Branding, Diversity
+43 50 390 26089

"I spent a few years working in London before I joined VIG in 2010. For many years I accompanies my colleagues in national and international mobility programs.

My main focus now is dealing with the appreciative handling of diversity in VIG, to strenghten the diversity management as part of the HR strategy. 
My second area of responsibility is HR marketing, which adds a lot of variety and creativity to my day-to-day work. This part of my job is all about presenting VIG as an attractive employer, which is an easy thing for me to do as I love working here!"
                                                   (c) Picture: Jürgen Hammerschmid