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Strategy of VIG Human Resources

The main elements of the VIG Human Resources strategy are based on the Group´s values and its key strategic and management principles:

  • Establishing service quality and customer focus as the most important core competences of employees
  • Strengthening VIG's position as an attractive local employer with an international background for ambitious individuals
  • Developing Group-wide management and expert competences
  • Enhancing diversity through various measures

The Vienna Insurance Group has implemented a range of initiatives designed to achieve these, and will continue to do so in the years ahead.   

We are VIG! Success through commitment

Birgit Moosmann, head of Human Resources at VIG Holding, on career opportunities at Vienna Insurance Group.

What makes VIG an attractive employer? 

Quite a few things! We offer our employees outstanding development opportunities. The prerequisite is an extensive training and education programme. VIG provides an opportunity to gain international work experience and get to know interesting people and different cultures. In other words, we have our own unique spirit that appreciates individuality. Not just in terms of our multi-brand strategy and local management, but the individuality of each person.

How is your training and education programme set up across the Group?

The Group companies design and organise training and education programs targeted to the needs of their employees. The HR managers in the Group companies also naturally have regular meetings, including in particular for exchanging best practices. In addition, we also offer Group-wide programs. Our Corporate University for managers and experts works together with top business schools, and our Technical Academies provide specialised training, for example in the area of underwriting. Our mobility programme also gives employees the opportunity to gather experience on the international stage. We continuously improve our portfolio of development opportunities to best prepare our employees for the future.

You have been the head of VIG Human Resources since 2011? What do you value about your job?

I am responsible for implementing Group-wide initiatives and incentives and providing an appropriate framework for local HR managers. Even after so many years, I am still fascinated with my job, as every day is different. The impressive diversity of our employees alone is exciting. We have many employees with colourful personalities, which I believe truly enriches the Company and is an important factor in our success. And one thing is certain. Performance-oriented employees with open minds are always welcome at VIG.