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What makes us unique

In the past, this confidence has helped us to take a number of bold and pioneering steps, including our decision in 1990 to invest in a country where economic output had dropped by 20 percent - and looked set to keep on falling. Industrial output had slipped by 40 percent, inflation was at 60 percent and unemployment had quadrupled. Not really the right conditions to start an insurance company. But a few courageous souls in what was then still Czechoslovakia thought otherwise and set up the first privately owned insurer in the former Communist bloc. They were true pioneers, their optimism and entrepreneurial spirit unaffected by the challenging economic climate. On the contrary, they saw the crisis as an opportunity. Their unswerving dedication was the foreword to a true success story - a true VIG story, you might say: Kooperativa.

Besides committed and courageous employees, the key to such success is a strategy that is deeply rooted in the corporate culture.

Unsere strategischen Eckpfeiler sind einfach und klar:  

  1. Die VIG betreibt Versicherungsgeschäft – und nichts anderes.  
  2. Die VIG ist ein offensiver Versicherer, aber konservativ in ihrer Veranlagungsstrategie. 
  3. Die VIG wird ihre Mehrmarkenstrategie gemeinsam mit der Multivertriebskanal-Strategie weiterführen und weiterentwickeln – der strategischen Partnerschaft mit der ERSTE Group kommt dabei besondere Bedeutung zu.  
  4. Die VIG setzt auf lokales Unternehmertum.  
  5. Die VIG ist in Österreich und Zentral- und Osteuropa zu Hause.

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