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Virtual tour and videos

Virtual tour

Virtual tour through the offices of the Wiener Ringturm and overview of the VIG Group's locations


Video of the board members about diversity in VIG Group

We see diversity as a strength. That´s why diversity was defined as one of our core values.

Diversity at VIG - Video Challenge

Video compilation of the videos submitted for the diversity competition

50 VIG companies were asked to share their point of view on diversity.

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Video about VIG Sponsoring and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group considers it an obligation to provide support for cultural and social concerns in Austria and the CEE region. 

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Multi-brand policy

Video about the multi-brand policy of VIG

To value the diversity of our Group, every local company uses its local brand as its first name, followed by Vienna Insurance Group as its family name.

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Leadership Training

Video about leadership training at VIG

VIG's business is built on people. We are dedicated to fairness, mutual respect, transparency and sustainable relations. 

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More Videos

Doris Neureiter
Asset Management

Video von Doris Neureiter über ihren Job in der VIG

“I like being a VIG Buddy for international colleagues.”

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Elena Adriana Predescu
Enterprise Risk Management

Video of Elena Predes about her job at VIG

“My job offers a dynamic setting – whether it’s in Vienna or Bucharest.” 

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