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Our values

Our Company values provide orientation and serve as a basis for decision-making. Ever since its origins, the company has been profitably managed on the basis of ethical values, now deeply rooted in the Vienna Insurance Group.

  1. Diversity

    Thanks to our presence in 30 markets, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe, we have an in-depth understanding of local circumstances. Sharing knowledge, ideas and experience within the Group is part of day-to-day operations. Diversity is one of our success factors and core values. In a way, it is part of VIG’s DNA.

  2. Customer proximity

    We have strong roots, both internationally and locally. Thanks to our local employees, we are more than familiar with the typical needs of customers in our different countries and markets. This allows us to offer tailored solutions and maximise customer satisfaction in all of our markets.

  3. Responsibility

    We draw on years of experience to safeguard our customers’ futures as effectively as possible. A sense of responsibility and respect are always central to our relationships with our customers, business partners, shareholders and society as a whole.

Please find the complete VIG Mission Statement here.

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