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Leadership and communication

For many years, VIG has been using a competence model developed in cooperation with key players from the Group. The model is regularly adapted in line with changing circumstances. Among other things, it clearly and transparently sets out our expectations of our employees’, experts’ and managers’ conduct when performing their duties. The competence model is deeply rooted in all of our HR measures and underpins the way we work together on a day-to-day basis. It also provides the foundations for mutual feedback and setting personal and professional development targets in the formal employee appraisal. But respectful and appreciative communication doesn’t just take place once a year! Many new recruits have told us that friendly cooperation and a strong willingness to provide support, including between departments, from day one is something that sets us apart from other companies. We mainly communicate with the local VIG Group companies in CEE in English, although many VIG Holding employees have roots in the region, which simplifies direct communication in the relevant language. As a result, a meal in our canteen is like going on a trip abroad – you hear so many different languages spoken there.