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Multicolored success: Showcase projects of the group companies

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GPIH Georgia: The second chance

The VIG group company in Georgia is regularly holding specialized career fairs aimed at older and unemployed people. Despite the challenging selection process a tremendous amount of more than 600 highly motivated sales staff, of which mostly women, were hired. The personnel search was contributed by a social discourse and eventually found imitators in diverse sectors.

Kooperativa Czech Republic: Old and young

It is common in many companies that a very young generation of employees is meeting with an older generation. The Czech company group Kooperativa established a pilot project which aims at bringing together and establishing teams of Millennials with employees that are retiring soon. The results of this mentor-model are splendid: While one group has knowledge of several decades to offer, the other group has a broader knowledge of the latest technology and certainly is responsible for a new fresh breeze in the company.

Wiener Städtische: Perspectives for daughters

On the occasion of the annual “Vienna Daughter-Day” the Wiener Städtische opens its gates for girls aged 11 to 16 years to offer them insights into an Austrian insurance company. The main goal is to discover talents and to show the girls new and interesting jobs off the classical career paths for women. The young ladies get to know the job description of an insurance saleswoman through a quiz rally and tricky tasks and can always look forward to a prize awarding ceremony at the end of the day.