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Capital & Key Share Figures

Last update 03 March 2017


Share Capital: EUR 132,887,468.20

Number of Ordinary Shares: 128,000,000

Market Capitalisation (YE 2016): EUR 2.73 bn

Free Float: ~30 %

ISIN: AT0000908504

Ticker symbols

Vienna Stock Exchange: VIG

Bloomberg: VIG AV / VIG CP

Reuters: VIGR.VI / VIGR.PR

General VIG key share figures

Share capital (EUR mn)132.89132.89132.89132.89132.89132.89132.89
Number of shares (in mn)
Market capitali­sation in EUR bn (YE) 2.733.244.754.645.173.924.98
Price-earnings ratio as of December 3138.3213.4823.0813.4110.6914.66

* The figures for 2012 have been restated according to IAS 8.41 and IAS 19.

Dividend data

Download of key share figures since 2009 (xls, 13 KB)