Corporate Respons­ibility

General principles and scope of application

Above all, the VIG brand stands for trust and security for our customers as for our employees. The VIG Code of Business Ethics (COBE), based on our VIG mission statement and our VIG values, is intended as a unified code of conduct to support the implementation of these requirements.

The COBE is valid for all employees of VIG Group, in all management levels and all functions, irrespective of the position of the individual within the enterprise. All addressees of this COBE shall make themselves familiar with its provisions and shall incorporate them into their everyday working life.

The COBE contains minimal standards. Moreover, additional general or specific Guidelines or Regulations may apply to Group companies, management levels or functions. These additional Regulations apply unrestrictedly and complementarily to this COBE and do not suspend its fundamental values.

Every Group Company is responsible for the proper implementation and internal communication of this COBE. In order to keep the COBE up to date it will be reviewed at regular intervals and will be updated if necessary. 

Our values

VIG is aware of the responsibility that it, as a major international insurance group, has to its customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and society in general. Through its activity, VIG endeavours to promote sustainable economic and social development in all countries in which it is active. Our attitude towards stakeholder groups in every country is governed by honesty and sustainability, and based on the following values:

  • Credibility & integrity
    Credibility and integrity are our top priority. Each one of us bears a personal responsibility for the highest standards of behaviour, credibility and integrity, which are to be taken as a given in every single aspect of our work.
  • Customer satisfaction & quality of service
    We respect our customers, listen to their wishes, and understand their expectations. We strive to provide quality and service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Actions speak louder than words. All of our employees work toward the same goals, as is expected of them. We all lead through our expertise, creativity and teamwork.
  • Appreciation & respect
    We treat each other with respect and are proud of the considerable benefits brought by a diversity of employees and ideas. In order to continue our success, we need to provide our employees with opportunities for training and development, helping them grow to meet new responsibilities.