Corporate Respons­ibility

Günter Geyer Award for Social Conscience

Since 2012, Vienna Insurance Group’s principal shareholder has honoured VIG companies that show exceptional social involvement with an award named after its General Manager. This annual award – which is awarded in Gold, Silver and Bronze – is both a way to thank the companies and motivate them to continue. The prize money of in total EUR 100,000 is earmarked for use by Group companies in further social projects.

Kooperativa in the Czech Republic received first place in the Günter Geyer Award for Social Conscience in 2016. In 2013, the company created its own foundation to handle all CSR activities and was able to implement a broad range of projects addressing important social issues with a high level of employee participation. Bulstrad Life was awarded second place. Its social activities focus on disadvantaged children, such as children from Roma families and children with mental and physical disabilities. With support from the “For Our Children Foundation”, the company helps mothers with newborn babies so that they do not have to give up their children for financial reasons. The third place winner, the Macedonian company Makeodnija Osiguruvanje, also demonstrated extensive social involvement. By, for example, redesigning a central playground in Skopje with customers, it showed that help can be provided even without financial support.