Corporate Respons­ibility

650th anniversary of the University of Vienna

Intellectual and creative abilities – VIG highlights female potential

Science is all about asking the right questions. Is justice a masculine concept? Is there a correlation between advancement of women and economic performance? What can we learn from the past? The insights and empirical evidence generated by addressing such questions set the course for future generations. This means that society must take responsibility and live up to its promises. The Vienna Insurance Group is also fully aware of its responsibilities. As the leading insurer in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe, VIG is a driving force in the region and its activities extend well beyond the insurance business to include educational initiatives. With this in mind, the Group is supporting various projects launched by the University of Vienna – or Alma Mater Rudolphina Vindobonensis to give it its Latin name – which this year celebrates the 650th anniversary of its establishment. “Raising questions since 1365” is the motto for the wide and varied programme of events taking place throughout the university’s jubilee year. The Vienna Insurance Group seeks to emphasise the importance of unlocking female potential and is supporting a programme of events focusing on the topic of gender equality.

The wide range of initiatives implemented by People Management underlines the importance of diversity in day-to-day operations at the Vienna Insurance Group. For further details visit

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