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Cooperations and networks

Master Class CEE

Panel Discussion with CEO Prof. Stadler

On June 6th 2016 the panel discussion "Austria's early dip in the East - 25 years later: Blessing or Curse?" between VIG CEO Prof. Elisabeth Stadler and Dr. Arnold Schuh, head of WU Competence Center for Emerging Markets & CEE, guided by Rainer Nowak, chief editor of "Die Presse", took place. Topic of the talk at Vienna School of Economics was the early expansion of Austrian companies to Eastern Europe. Both discussion partners concluded that the early market entry was an important move.

Sorority and Business Riots

The Sorority is an independent network for women in the fields of arts, culture, science, media, politics, technics and economics. The Sorority sees itself as a club for informal networking regarding jobs and career. For the second time already, this network organises the 'Business Riot' Festival with interesting workshops and discussions. The VIG was there right from the beginning of Business Riots in 2015 and was happy to participate again in 2016 at the Business Riots in Vienna. VIG also sponsored a great workshop with Lena Reichmuth on 21st September 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Angela Fleischlig-Tangl from VIG Human Resources.

Alumni Arts: art tour in Ringturm

VIG Human Resources started cooperations with the alumni clubs of Vienna School of Economics and Business and University of Graz, with the aim of staying in touch with alumni after their study with a long-term perspective. We kicked off this cooperation with an art tour in the Ringturm - to emphasize the networking and mutual introduction. Philippe Batka is, together with Barbara Grötschnig, responsible for the internal art collection. He guided the 25 interested visitors through the Ringturm while giving background information on the paintings and artists. We concluded the evening with an informal gathering in the current exhibition about Tiflis as part of the series 'Architektur im Ringturm'.

VIG annual report

Some of the Master Class CEE students were also involved in creating last year´s annual report. We were really happy about their great inputs and support! 

Read our annual report here!

Employer of Choice workshop in Ringturm

The VIG is committed to the goal to be an attractive employer and to strengthen this position. In May the VIG organized a workshop, in which the VIG was analysed as a potential employer. The students presented their expectations, feedback and recommendations, which led to a lively and enriching exchange with colleagues from VIG Human Resources, PR and General Secretariat. 'It was so nice that a company is actually interested in our opinion!” a student happily said.

Insight Talks

As part of the "Insight Talks", VIG is yearly invited to talk about its experience in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with the students of the Master Class CEE. During lively discussions between VIG experts, who possess vast experience, and curious Master Class students both parties talk about the future challenges of the insurance industry and the development of the economic region CEE. 

VIG addresses the actuaries of tomorrow

Actuarial science is the basis for our business: The actuarial department of VIG focuses on profitability analysis and evaluates risks, such as underwriting-, reserving-, or interest rate risks. This happens in the context of value based management, for the purpose of regulatory requirements, and for the benefit of clients and investors.

Austrian universities send less graduates on the labor market than actually needed. In addition, for us as a dynamic insurance group it is important to attract the 'right' for the VIG. In this 'culture fit' it is about specialist qualifications for a position paired with matching values, attitudes and an affinity for the economic and cultural region of Central and Eastern Europe. “We approach young talents of the actuarial science early on to present the VIG as an attractive employer”, says Birgit Moosmann, head of VIG Human Resources. 

In close collaboration with the actuarial team an extensive cooperation package was put together with universities. For example, we sponsor international workshops and conferences for actuaries and make sure that someone of our local companies is at site as a direct contact person. Also, the VIG Actuarial team is happy to get involved: as Christiane Ziehaus is a lecturer for 'Actuarial modeling' at the TU Wien and inspires students with charm and know-how. Werner Matula, head of VIG Actuarial says: "We want to already support the next generation while studying and get to know them! For 2016, we are also planning company visits for students to allow interested parties a look behind the scenes, and look forward to an exchange!"