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People are essential to our success. In a business like insurance, where products are intangible, personal trust plays a decisive role. The confidence that our customers place in us day by day is essential to the Group’s success. This success is gained and maintained by our service-oriented and competent employees.  

This idea is central to our ethos, and is the cornerstone of our company. We can raise capital, buy in IT services and switch offices – but the key to the Vienna Insurance Group’s success is its employees. Their professionalism, performance, motivation, and optimistic outlook symbolize everything the Group has stood for over more than 190 years.  

We are always on the lookout for highly motivated staff who have the courage and dedication to play a part in our successful development, and who appreciate the diversity that sets the Vienna Insurance Group apart from its competitors.

„For me, being part of VIG, and of Kooperativa, the Group’s second largest insurance company, means being part of an international success story. I am proud to have played – and to continue playing – my part in this success story. The fact that I am working in insurance actually means a great deal to me on a personal level. While we are working with money, profits, budgets and premiums, there is an important dimension to this particular part of the finance industry: we help people in difficult times. For me, VIG is something special – just like Kooperativa – because it is not prepared to be just another faceless financial institution, but is instead genuinely interested in the people and the world around it. This means understanding customers’ needs, and advising and helping them – in other words, building up a proper relationship with them. In my view, the Group is also in a class of its own when it comes to supporting the wider communities in which it operates. We promote some of the finer things in life such as music, art and architecture, but we never lose sight of our responsibilities towards those who have perhaps not been as fortunate as us.”  Hana Machačová, Deputy General Manager, Kooperativa, Czech Republic