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Diversity at VIG

Diversity as a value - our defining characteristics

With around 50 Group companies and about 25,000 employees in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), VIG is shaped by the diversity of the various countries, cultures, languages, historical backgrounds, corporate cultures and local markets.

VIG sees this diversity as a key value, so its successful business model is based on a multi-brand strategy. This helps to preserve well-established brands that are already firmly rooted in customers' minds. In turn, this strengthens regional identity and the commitment of local employees. There is a sense of trust that local managers and employees have the most extensive expertise in the respective local market.

This diversity is a success factor. A wide variety of ideas, approaches and opportunities are potential sources of creative proposals and innovation. In this way, diversity becomes a value, and having a range of different perspectives enables us to enhance our results.

Appreciation and respect are core values of our corporate culture and working environment. Fair and even-handed treatment is important when it comes to developing as effectively as possible, in view of the different experiences, backgrounds, needs and expectations that our people bring to the Group.

Our priority is that people are proud to work for VIG and contribute to the company's success as a result of this sense of identity.

We see diversity as a reflection of the similarities and differences that we encounter at VIG, in our markets, at the local Group companies, as well as in our partners, customers and employees. At VIG, diversity management involves genuine respect for, an open-minded approach to and conscious efforts to capitalise on our diversity.

For questions please contact Ms. Angela Fleischlig-Tangl (VIG diversity advisor): angela.fleischlig-tangl(at)